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April 29th, 2013

PixiVisor For iOS

Prepare to see what you’ve never seen before! PixiVisor is a revolutionary tool for audio-visual experiments. Simple and fun, cross-platform application with unlimited potential for creativity.

It consists of two parts: Transmitter and Receiver.

* Transmitter converts the video (static 64×64 image or 10FPS animation) to sound, pixel by pixel (progressive scan). This lets you listen to the sound of your image. But the main function of the Transmitter is to transmit the signal to the receiving devices.
* Receiver converts the sound (from microphone or Line-in input) back to video. You can set the color palette for this video, and record it to animated GIF file.

Key features:
* file formats supported by Transmitter: JPEG, PNG, GIF (static and animated);
* real-time video export to animated GIF;
* 64 predefined color palettes;
* iTunes File Sharing;
* Wi-Fi Export/Import (in the File menu of the Transmitter);
* it also available for Android, Windows, Linux and OSX;
* more functions in the next PixiVisor updates…

Examples of use:
* wireless Lo-Fi video transmission over audio;
* video signal transmission through audio cable; you can then modify that signal by some mixers or audio FX processors;
* VJing;
* sound visualization;
* save any sound to animated GIF;
* hide some images and animation in your music;
* searching for hidden messages in the ambient noise; EVP;
* something else; reveal it first!

PixiVisor is available for $1.99

Vjay iPad App By Algoriddim

June 15th, 2012 Comments Off

Vjay iPad App By Algoriddim

The makers of Djay have announced their new app for Vjs simply called, you guest it Vjay.


vjay transforms your iPad into a cutting-edge mashup machine, directly integrated with the media libraries on your iPad. Mix and scratch your favorite music videos from iTunes or combine songs from your music library with personal video footage into an interactive audio visual experience. You can even use your iPad’s built-in camera to add your very own clips to the mix. The first of its kind on the iPad, vjay lets you get creative with your content, display directly to a TV, stream wirelessly via Apple TV, or record your performances live to share on your favorite social channels.

vjay combines the worlds of music and video in an innovative and creative way, it paves the way for the next generation of personal and professional video creativity, it is the start of the next era of music videos as we know it.

What’s New in Version 1.1
With the release of the brand new vjay for iPhone app, Algoriddim brings you this major free update with significant improvements and exciting new features. If you like vjay, please rate it with every update. Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

✔ Added brand new demo tracks and video loops by Far East Movement, Parov Stelar, Eclectic Method, J-Live, and more
✔ Added 3 cue points
✔ Added recording export to YouTube and Facebook
✔ Added support for Numark iDJ Pro with dedicated portrait mode interface
✔ Added support for Vestax Spin 2 MIDI controller
✔ Improved reverse function to preserve time
✔ Improved user interface
✔ Stability improvements


– Media Access – Create stunning mashups using all your media on your iPad, including videos, music, and footage from camera roll. vjay also comes with a free bundle of pre-loaded music video and high-quality footage.

– Real-time video transitions, audio visuals effects – vjay comes with stunning audio & video effects, looping tools, visual transitions, and real-time VideoScratch™.

– Live movie recording and sharing – With a simple touch of a button, easily save your mashups to the iPad in real-time and share with friends.

– Support for external displays – Easily plug into a TV and stream videos wirelessly to Apple TV.

– Built-in camera integration – Quickly record your own video clips using the built-in iPad camera and add them to your mixes on the fly

– Integration with iTunes Store – browse, search, preview and purchase music videos on iTunes from within the app.


Requires iPad 2 or later running iOS 5 or higher. Enhanced for the new iPad.

✔ Direct access to user’s media on the device (music videos, movies, camera roll footage, music)
✔ iTunes Store integration (search, browse, preview and purchase artist music videos)
✔ Built-in camera integration
✔ VideoScratch
✔ Video Transitions
✔ Audio Visual Effects
✔ Live recording with direct export of movie files to the iPad’s media library
✔ Fullscreen mode
✔ Support for external displays via iPad adapter cable (HDMI, VGA, or Composite) and AirPlay for streaming video and audio
✔ Audio Visual 2D FX Pad
✔ Colorized EQ
✔ Slow-motion (time stretching)
✔ Split A/V crossfade mode (crossfade video independently from audio, and vice versa)
✔ Advanced Audio Tools: Waveforms, Auto-Gain, Automatic Beat and Tempo Detection, Beat-matching, Slicing, Auto-Sync, Pitch-bending, Cue Point, Looping, Speed Change, Reverse Playback

Supported external hardware (optional):

– External displays and TVs via Digital AV Adapter (HDMI), VGA Adapter, or Composite AV Cable
– Apple TV + AirPlay enabled AV receivers
– Numark iDJ Live controller
– Griffin DJ Cable

Vjay is available for $9.99

vjay - algoriddim

TouchViz Vj App For iPad

December 9th, 2011

TouchViz Vj App For iPad

TouchViZ is a professional, portable VJ system for iPad 2. At home or in the club, professionally or just for fun, you can now create impressive visuals straight from your iPad.

TouchViz iPad Vj App Screenshot

TouchViz iPad Vj App Screenshot


– Import up to 125 videos into your set via iTunes File Sharing or from the iPad’s library
– Playback and mix two channels of video with independent playback speed control
– Display the output on an external screen or projector using any iPad-compatible video-out adapter
– Use the iPad’s front and back-facing cameras as input to integrate live footage into your set
– Apply one of 17 effect filters to each channel and the master output
– Control effect parameters using the multi-touch enabled preview area
– Preview the output in full-screen on the iPad
– Save and load your set to recall, backup or transfer sets between iPads using iTunes File Sharing
– Configure the interface layout to your preference
– 10 demo clips by hexler and pixeldelay included
– CoreMIDI support allows full control of TouchViZ wirelessly using OS X CoreMIDI Network sessions, using iPad MIDI interfaces such as iRig MIDI, iConnectMIDI, MIDI Mobilizer II, Yamaha i-MX1, or by connecting a compatible USB MIDI-controller using the iPad Camera Connection Kit
– Open Sound Control support allows full control of TouchViZ over WiFi from any application that supports OSC such as Max/MSP, PureData, Max4Live, TouchOSC and others
– Built on the latest iOS 5 and OpenGL ES 2.0 technology

…and many, many more features to be added in future updates!

TouchViz is available for $9.99

TouchViZ - hexler

Colorcode Vj App For iPad

October 31st, 2011

Colorcode Vj App

Quite possibly the world’s first VJ app for the iPAd. Suited for both hobby and professional use, COLORCODE VJ quickly turns your iPad into a VJ tool.At your home or at an event, it’s never been easier to become a VJ!

Limited time offer! About 45% off discount.

COLORCODE VJ can switch and display movies, images, and texts. You can also output to external displays via separately available adapters (*1).

What you can do with COLORCODE VJ

– Load, mix, and output movie files.
(You can display up to 2 movies simultaneously)

– Overlay PNG image files. You can move the images by touching on the screen, or preset the movement in advance. PNG transparency is supported.

– Display texts. Like images, texts can also be moved.

– Play tracks in your iPad’s library as BGM (*2).

– Output to external displays such as your TV, PC monitor, and projector. (*1)
Works with most recent LCD TVs!

Recommended use

– As part of a full-fledged VJ equipment set.
You can even get up on the stage with your iPad while VJing!

– As a VJ tool for musicians.
COLORCODE VJ offers musicians a quick way to play movies in addition to their instruments.
Take control of both music and images to add depth to your expression!

– As a party tool
Simply hook up your iPad to a TV or monitor and start VJing!
With iPad 2, you can also show movies that were filmed with your iPad.
A video slideshow? No problem!

– As a presentation tool
While there are many presentation tools for iPad, COLORCODE VJ may be the one for you when a simple slideshow just doesn’t cut it.
Tweak your presentation to match the atmosphere for a successful presentation!

– As a simple digital signage
Connect your iPad to a monitor and play movies for in-store promotions.


– COLORCODE VJ has 2 modes of operation.
Edit mode for preparing your VJ play, and Play mode for performing the actual VJ play.
Note that output to external display will be disabled under Edit mode.

– Is an external display a must? Absolutely not!
COLORCODE VJ will work perfectly fine with just your iPad.
It’s a lot more fun with an external monitor though!

– In iPad, since there are few memories and the capability of CPU is also low, the COLORCODEVJ cannot run comfortably.

– We stongly recommend to use with iPad2, because of the hardware limitations (lack of CPU power and available memory) of iPad 1

Movies and images provided with COLORCODE VJ are for use within the app only. Contact the respective creator if you wish to use the materials for any other purpose. The material is premised on using on iPad2.

*Contributing creators:
– DEVILROBOTS(http://www.dvrb.jp/)
– tymote(http://tymote.jp/)
– VJ REEL(http://www.reelvision.jp, http://www.reelvision.jp/apprication/apprication.html)
– takafumi tsuchiya/TAKCOM (http://www.takafumitsuchiya.com)
– takuya hosogane (http://www.hsgn.tk/)
– mogmotion
– Keitaro Maruhashi(brix video syndicate, VJ Illegal function call, 2E2L artworks)(http://www.facebook.com/keitaro.maruhashi)
– SUN&MOON,inc.(http://sun-moon.ne.jp/)
– “Kappa-godaime” by CPP
(*1) The following adapters are supported:
– Apple Digital AV Adapter
– Apple VGA Adapter
Select the cable to match your display.

Colorcode Vj is available for $13.99



Muon Interactive Visualizer For iPad

October 22nd

Muon Visualizer For iPad

Muon takes music visualisation on iPad to the next level

MachineCodex Software Australia are pleased to announce the release of Muon, an interactive music visualizer for iPad that generates endlessly varying beauty with an advanced 3D graphics particle system, presenting a living lightshow which evolves and warps in response to your touch, and dances with your music.

Complete access to your music library makes Muon a fantastic party companion, while the video-out capability lets you hook your iPad to a projector or TV for an instant VJ experience.

Intuitive editing controls take full advantage of multi-touch allowing endless customisation of visualizer parameters in real-time, all of which may be saved as presets. When left alone, Muon’s Evolution Engine ensures that your screen is filled with fascinating, ever-changing animations.

Muon features:

Inbuilt iPod-library Music player
Evolution Engine
True 3D particles
Multiple emitters and attractors
Dozens of inbuilt textures
Intuitive editing controls
Endless beautiful and strange forms
Touch and audio reactive

Muon is normally $9.99, but it is available for $0.99 for a limited time.

muon - MachineCodex Software

Synse Audio Visual App For iPhone

October 21st, 2011

Synse Audio Visual App

Synse is a fun little interactive Visual Music App. It combines controlling music and visuals with Multitouch and creates a unique audiovisual experience. Would nice to be able to create your own sets though. You can not import your own sounds and video yet.


• Video Mode (Device in portrait or landscape with Home button on the left)

In this mode you control each instrument/track and their visuals with one touch. Each instrument has its own touch area. To show these areas, simply tap on the “Show Grid” area on the left or right corners at the bottom of the screen.

• Sequencer Mode (Device in landscape with Home button on the right)

Arrange a whole song by tapping inside the sequencer grid and scroll through the arrangement by swiping left or right.

Sequencer buttons:
PLAY/PAUSE: Lets you play and pause the song.
STOP: Stops the song and the locator jumps back to the beginning of the arrangement.
LOOP: When activated, loops the current bar of the arrangement.
SETUP: Shows the setup screen, where you can
⁃load a different set (music and visuals)
⁃save and load arrangements
⁃change the length of the song
⁃turn off LiveTouch mode (disables touching in video mode)
⁃activate Shake mode (toggle video and sequencer mode only by shaking the device)

Hint: Hold the STOP button with one finger and tap in the sequencer grid to move the locator.


★ The concept of Synse was presented at C/O-Pop-Convention 2009 and won the KurzUndSchoen-Award 2009 in the category “Mobile Miniaturen”.

★ Mentioned in PAGE 03/2010 (German magazine for creative media design).

★ This Version includes three sets: PARIS, FLUID and LIFETIME

★ More sets coming soon!

Synse is available for $1.99

Synse - Christian Sander

Create Video Music With Madpad

September 10th, 2011

Madpad Video App By Smule

Remix your life with MadPad. Turn everyday sights and sounds like your car, an empty soda can, or your friends into the ultimate percussive instrument. Who would have thought everyday life could be so musical?

It’s easy to create music from anything!

Note: MadPad is best experienced on the iPad 2 or iPhone 4. Without a video camera on the iPad 1, you will not be able to record your own sets. However, you can still enjoy playing and sharing sets from the MadPad community!

Oh the possibilities! Just aim and shoot to capture sounds all around you – your local café, car, kitchen, kids, cat, friends – MadPad magic will take care of the rest.
•Easily record video clips to create interactive video sets.
•Mix in clips from the community to create new mashups.

Tap to play video sets just like a drum. Have fun creating your own rhythms, beats and loops.
•Over 50 FREE sets included: pianos to piccolos, silly sounds to sweet guitars.
•Discover new sets from the MadPad community daily.
•Remix exclusive content from YouTube sensation Mystery Guitar Man.

Record and share music videos for the world to enjoy! Or see how your friends remix your life.
•Record your performances like a music video, and then post on YouTube.
•Share your favorite sets through Twitter, Facebook or email.

Tons of MadPad videos showcased:
•1991 Honda Accord
•House blend remix
•Home Depot remix
•Mystery Guitar Man remixing Beat It
•Breakfast remix
•And more!

MadPad is designed to be the ultimate iPad app.
•High-res audio-visual experience.
•Integration with iPad video camera.
•Hyper-responsive 10-finger touch.
•Double finger drag to bend the pitch and control the speed.

MadPad - Remix Your Life - Smule


September 10th, 2011

VidRhythm Video App

Remix your world! Welcome to VidRhythm, the fun and easy way to MAKE VIDEO MUSIC! From Harmonix, the makers of “ROCK BAND” and “DANCE CENTRAL.”

Video-sample yourself, your friends, your pets, ANYTHING, and watch VidRhythm instantly mash it up into a crazy video remix!

☆ For use with iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch (4th generation)
☆ Why just sample audio when you can sample AUDIO and VIDEO?
☆ Choose from 20 unique SONGS from a variety of genres!
☆ Tweak your videos out with a variety of radical VIDEO STYLES!
☆ Instantly SHARE your videos on YouTube and Facebook!
☆ Got MIDI? You can import and play your own songs in VidRhythm!
☆ YOUR sounds and videos make the music…Sample yourself and GET CREATIVE!

Share your videos with us and other VidRhythm fans on Facebook (facebook.com/VidRhythm) and Twitter

VidRhythm - Harmonix

Video Sequencer For iPhone

September 10th, 2011

MovBeats iPhone Video Sequencer

MovBeats Casual Underground Lab

MovBeats is a funny and a little crazy app which allows you to create video clips easily and quickly, catching them in the surrounding space.

You don’t need to have any special skills to make your own music video in beatbox style. Due to the inbuilt sequencer, video clips always play rhythmically, beat in beat.

MovBeats allows you to record clips and create video compositions, share movies with your friends on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo and Tumblr.

The whole surrounding world, including YOU holding the iPhone, becomes an endless library of samples and interesting video fragments. Turn your friends into a drum section, use your pets to make a melody, and your grandpa will perfectly suit for a bass part. Don’t forget sounds of your kitchen: add pans and plates to the percussion.

MovBeats is an audio-visual kaleidoscope of different moments in your life, rhythmically pulsating in time with music, creating music itself, with the first touch.

Live record from camera
Edit & trim clips
192 slots for clips
128 slots for patterns
16 steps sequencer
Tempo correction, tap & cue
Record compositions on the fly
Export records to Youtube & Vimeo
Share records on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr

MovBeats - Casual Underground

vPad Vj App For iPad

July 24th, 2011