Vj Inxile

Born in 1976 in Switzerland, Lise from the age of 15 became actively involved in an artists-run space in her hometown, le Toit du Monde, participating in the production of happenings, alternative theater/dance events and the very first series of multi-media art/projections/ electronic music festivals in the region.
She left her homecountry at the age of 19. After a few years of travelling and alternating residence between Melbourne and Europe, she shot in 2002 Black Mountain Project, a surrealist work, her first digital video, from which to this day she draws inspiration and images for vjing.
She then spent 5 years residing in Zurich and travelling the european continent, capturing images. Exposed to the expanding swiss/european electronic music scene she was creating in 2003 dvds of visuals for clubs and parties. At this time Lise was also involved filming the Swiss band Les Femmes Friquees, an electro-punk burlesque act with live visuals. This was a life-changing interaction from which her passion for vjing emerged. From this point she begun the journey in teaching herself the art of producing and mixing live visuals. She also collaborated on local art projects. From 2004 to 2007 she was the assistant curator at the Swiss renown Galerie Elisabeth Staffelbach.

She currently works at Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, in the video/projection department, in Lausanne, Switzerland.